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Limitations of homoeopathy

Homoeopathy activates the bodies own self regulation systems so self healing is being possible. The limitation of homoeopathy is reached if this self healing isn't possible any more. For example in Diabetes, if the cells in the pancreas, which produce insulin, are destroyed, then self healing isn't possible. In this case insulin must be brought to the organism by injections from outside. In every case, where cells are destroyed and cannot be rebuilt any more by the organism this self healing process isn't possible any more.
In broken bones for example, or other mechanical problems, this problem must be solved by mechanical methods first (surgery). But accidents and injuries are a good example for the possibility of the combination of modern medicine and homoeopathy. With surgery the possibility of the bones to grow together again is made, but the healing process itself depends on the self regulation forces of the body itself. With homoeopathy many problems resulting from such injuries can be prevented (infections or bleeding, slow reunion of the bones, Sudeck´s atrophy, etc.).