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Is it possible to combine normal medicine with homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy and normal medicine are working on different levels in the organism therefore it is possible to combine both methods. There are normal medicines that cannot be removed at once (remedies against high blood pressure or against epilepsy), in these cases a parallel treatment at the same time is possible with the possibility to reduce slowly the normal drugs. In these cases the so called LM- or Q - potency should be used (See Potency). The combination is always possible as there are no reciprocal actions between both methods. The author has the best experiences in treating depression, severe accidents, chemotherapy in cancer with both methods combined together. In severe accidents the normal treatment with surgery is necessary, but the healing process itself depends on the bodies own defence mechanisms. Complications like suppuration or not healing of the bones or severe bleedings can be prevented by homoeopathy.

Especially in cancer therapy a combination is always recommended. The side effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy can be treated successfully. Even the development of the cancer growth depends on the bodies own defence mechanisms. And a strengthening of the immune system always is an advantage. As homoeopathy can increase the bodies own healing powers the treatment with homoeopathy is a benefit. In the complementary therapy of cancer homoeopathy should always be included.

Special substances are able to suspend the action of homoeopathic drugs. These are substances like camphora, volatile oils, peppermint oil and sometimes also coffee. Homoeopathy therefore should not be combined with such a kind of therapies (aroma therapy, rubbing with liniments with such substances, coughing liniments, liniments against rheumatic diseases, etc.).