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What kind of diseases can be treated by homoeopathy?

Every disease, which can be treated by normal medicaments can also be treated with homoeopathic remedies. But the big advantage of homoeopathy is, that homoeopathic remedies have no side effects.
With homoeopathy acute and chronic diseases can be treated. Acute diseases like: Influenza, inflammation of the throat, the tonsils, the ears, bronchitis, the lungs, the bladder, acute inflammation of the joints, back ache, slipped disc, acute diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, inflammation of the skin, and so on.
It is a wrong thinking that homoeopathic remedies need a long time to work. In acute diseases normally the remedy works very fast!

The most severe epidemic disease of influenza was the epidemic in the years 1918/1919 (Spanish flu). At this time about 20 millions of people died around the world. Whereas among the normally (with orthodox medicaments) treated patients about 25% of the patients died, among the homoeopathically treated patients only 2% of the patients died.

This is an impressive example that homoeopathy is a very effective and successful therapy. For example, at the beginning of the 19th century homoeopathy was forbidden in Austria. But the successes in treating several cholera epidemics helped to lift the ban. Even 1973 the success in treating a cholera epidemic in Calcutta (India) promoted the political recognition of homoeopathy in India. Now in India homoeopathy is politically equal to normal medicine. These are examples that severe acute diseases can be treated by homoeopathy.

But the main field of homoeopathy are chronic diseases. Homoeopathy can stimulate the bodies own defence system and immune system and can therefore cure the diseases. With orthodox medicines normally a chronic disease cannot be cured. A chronic disease normally has its origin in a weakness of the immune system. We know in sports the effects of a good training: If you have weak muscles and you train them every day with a small amount of exercise these muscles will become stronger and stronger. The same is in a very chilly person. If that chilly person is exposed every day to a small amount of cold (or a short cold water bath) with the time this person can overcome its chilliness. This is the effect of a good training: If you have a certain weakness you can overcome this weakness if you expose yourself to exactly that part where you are weak, but in small amounts. And homoeopathy does exactly the same with medicaments: The homoeopathic remedy exposes the organism to exactly the same symptoms that are produced by the body during the disease.

Chronic diseases are diseases that are recurrent: like tonsillitis, bronchitis, inflammation of the sinuses, cystitis, fevers, etc. Today we see a lot of skin diseases, neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, venous ulcers, ("open legs"). Further asthma, allergies, chronic joint pains, arthritis, migraine, heart diseases, and especially psychic problems: depression, anxiety disorders or chronic nervous diseases like multiple sclerosis.

The difficulty in treating such chronic diseases is the factor of time. It can take some time to cure such diseases. During the treatment different reactions can arise. (See Reactions during treatment). The symptoms can change, so a different homoeopathic remedy is necessary. So, the patient needs some patience, but at the end there will be healing or recovery of the disease. Many failures of homoeopathic treatments result in impatience of the patient, so he gives up the treatment too early.