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The advantages of homoeopathy

First: There are no bad side effects of the homoeopathic medicines. Second: The possibility of healing of chronic diseases. Especially in India are many experiences in treating even cancer successfully with homoeopathy.
In homoeopathy the self healing powers of the organism are strengthened. So the patient is able to overcome his disease by his own forces. That is the only possibility how chronic diseases can be cured. For example in an infection it is possible to kill the bacteria (which come from outside) with normal medicines (antibiotics). But there can be also strengthened the bodies own defence mechanisms, so the organism can overcome the bacteria by itself. And after that disease the organism is much stronger than before and prepared much better for the future.

As there are no side effects in homoeopathic medicines (no concentration problems in driving cars or handling machines, no drug addiction, no bleeding or ulcer problems as in normal pain killers for example and also no reciprocal action with normal medicines) therefore a homoeopathic treatment during pregnancy and during nursing a baby is also possible.
Especially the treatment of children and small babies is very successful with homoeopathy.

Homoeopathic remedies are proved in healthy persons, therefore no experiments on animals are necessary. Also animals and human being often react different to the same drug, therefore comparison is difficult.