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Reactions during treatment

First reaction:
If the remedy is very similar and can produce the same symptoms as the patient has, then at the beginning, the symptoms of the patient can become worse for a short period of time. For prognosis of the disease this is a very good sign. In such a case the intake of the remedy must be stopped.

First sign of amelioration of the disease:
Normally the beginning of amelioration cannot be seen in an amelioration of the symptoms of the body of the patient. The first signs are a better sleep, a better mood or a higher level of energy of the patient. So the general situation of the patient is the first that becomes better. Now the patient has to wait and then the amelioration of the symptoms of the body will follow. It is very important not to change the homoeopathic remedy in that situation.

Reactions of secretion:
Mostly if patients have suppressed different diseases before homoeopathic treatment especially if secretions were suppressed before, like coryza, nasal catarrh, bronchitis with discharge, discharge from vagina, etc., such suppressed discharges can appear again. In this case it is very important not to suppress that discharge again (also not with other homoeopathic remedies or normal drugs or creams). Such a discharge is a very important condition for curing the present disease.

Late reaction:
Especially in treatment with LM- or Q-Potencies (see Potency) where the remedy can be given for a long time, at the end of treatment such reactions can arise. In this case it is important to contact the homoeopathic physician, because now the potency or intake of the remedy must be changed.

Acute diseases arise during the treatment of a chronic disease, acute injuries, accidents, etc.:
In such a case the chronic treatment has to be interrupted and an acute remedy for the acute situation has to be given.

A new disease is arising:
According the new disease with new symptoms another remedy should be found.


Many diseases of modern civilisation are an expression of modern life style: Healthy nutrition, bodily exercise, sleep, meditation, psychotherapy has to be considered also for healing a disease.